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Job description

Karify is a web&app-platform on on the forefront of e-mental healthcare. Healthcare professionals, like psychologists, and patients use Karify for online treatment, communication and as a permanent record of their health. This is all tailored towards changing behaviour of patients in the context of a mental healthcare setting – ranging from dealing with stress at work to personality disorders and for all ages. Karify is integrated in existing organisations or used to build new digital clinics.

At Karify we pride ourselves on our automation mindset in our fast-paced, agile environment; for our software this means that we make sure that most happy flows are covered in automated behavioural and integration tests.

However, there will always be edge-cases for which no designs or lines of code were made. These edge-cases have to be found through exploration and this is where the role of Software Tester comes in. We’re looking for a Software Tester who will put on different hats to use or abuse the software in ways that were not included in the design, coding or reviewing processes. As our Software Tester you’ll provide developers, designers and architects with previously unknown flows so that they can then act on these however they see fit.

The most important feedback one can give throughout development is feedback regarding Security. There is no data that is more privacy sensitive than healthcare data. We welcome everyone, at any given time, to ask critical questions and to propose improvements to the security and privacy of our users and their data; we’re therefore looking for a Software Tester with affinity and/or interest in security.

To sum it up: we’re not looking for someone to check if changes work as specified; we’re looking for someone that thinks of flows that were not (properly) specified and reports back bugs, accessibility issues, missing automated tests and potential security risks.

The role:

You will:

  • be the gatekeeper for the quality of our software
  • test new features and enhancements
  • think out-of-the-box when it comes to bugs and security
  • validate if added automated tests are sufficient (you won’t have to write them)
  • participate in design sessions
  • help translate any bugs coming in through support to proper template-based issues ready to be picked up by developers
  • use any time remaining for exporatory testing: happy hunting!

Why you’ll love it at Avinty Karify:

  • We are a developer-oriented company – without you, there’s no product
  • Your work will have real purpose and you’ll help to change lives – really
  • We are a dedicated, fun team of people you’ll enjoy being around; one team working on one project
  • Our code, issue tickets and projects are well documented (in English)
  • There’s no crazy hierarchy, you can ask anyone for anything, any time
  • You can work from home or at the office, your pick! Although we’d like to see you in the office once in a while (say once every 1-2 weeks)
  • We offer a competitive salary with a 32 or 40-hour contract


About you:

  • A great puzzler; connecting the dots is what drives you.
  • Someone with demonstrable experience in testing web applications and mobile apps; you have thorough understanding of how browsers, mobile apps and other web application technologies work.
  • You thrive in a team setting and enjoy collaborating with developers and UX designers
  • Experience with (and interest in) application security is a huge plus
  • Experience with technologies such as Docker, MySQL and MongoDB are a plus
  • You are proficient in English; Dutch is optional

Avinty Karify is not offering a remote position. We’re not looking for recruitment agencies to respond to this position.

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